About us

We're an Amsterdam and San Francisco based lifestyle tech company with a global mission to make sustainable living the new normal. For us this means the following: bring real, purpose-led innovation to dinosaur industries and create the most compelling consumer system of the 21st century. Turning a system built on manipulation, exploitation and greed into one that empowers, heals and gives meaning.

Our vision

We envision a future where every person has an AI concierge — an infinitely knowledgeable and compassionate lifestyle assistant that maximizes your daily life in an elegantly simple way.

This AI concierge will revolutionize the way we live, bringing together personal and planetary health in a single superior consumer experience. It will know you inside and out, understand what's best for you, balance a bad day, and maintain a good streak. It will anticipate your needs, guide you to new experiences, and maximize your life in an elegantly simple and effortless way.

To enable this, it will read, predict, and improve a smart and circular supply chain real-time and with total accuracy, continuously optimizing for what's good for you and the planet. Adding years, to your life while leading the way to a sustainable future.

In 10 years, health will be a baseline and not an aspiration — personal and planetary health.

Our Culture

At Sunrise, we uphold a culture that inspires, innovates, and cares for its employees.

We believe in cultivating a working environment that nurtures creativity, autonomy, courage, and accountability, while stimulating the need for simplicity and beauty in all our endeavors. Our core values drive us to explore new horizons, experiment with fresh ideas, and utilize resources to their utmost potential.

We are proponents of agency. Our employees are empowered to make their own decisions, take independent actions, and have control over their responsibilities. Our squad-based structure facilitates teamwork and collective ownership. We encourage continuous experimentation and improvement, and maintain a positive feedback loop to celebrate weekly successes.

Freedom is at the heart of our organization. Our work ethos is not restrictive but psychologically fulfilling. We encourage both vertical and horizontal job exploration and appreciate the need for personal time. We promote a culture of 'play.' The design of our work environment facilitates both socializing and deep work. Brainstorming, prototyping, and gamifying work processes are encouraged to balance play with productivity.

We value individuals who are builders, rebels, believers, carers, and those who aren't afraid to express their quirks. These qualities align with our promises and values, and help us grow together as a team. Our office policy advocates for a balance of in-office and remote working. We encourage presence in the office three days a week and also recognize the need for personal reflection time outside the office.

We hope that this blended approach allows for a strong, innovative, and dynamic company culture. And eventually, allows us to disrupt one of the most broken and harmful industries on our planet.